Mission and Story

The Mission:

To create unforgettable experiences that energize young people with the life changing news of Jesus Christ.

The Goal:

To provide under-served young people with the most exciting and fun camp experience possible, including meaningful opportunities to be transformed into who God has created them to be.

The Plan:

Incorporate the best of sports camps and the best of Christian camps together with hand-picked, dedicated, kid-loving Christian staff to offer a camping experience like no other.

The Story:

The story of Inspire Sports Camps is an amazing testimony of God’s leading.  It's been amazing to watch people get involved and make themselves available for God to work in and through them.  We are extremely excited and realize that this is just the beginning!

In 2006, I participated on a short term mission trip to El Salvador Central America, but it wasn’t until the conclusion of the trip that my heart was forever stirred.  After sharing the Gospel in some severely poverty stricken areas, the team and I headed back to a small orphanage where we were staying.  We passed by a dirt and gravel filled field where over a hundred students were playing soccer and softball after school.  I quickly joined a softball game, already in progress, but quickly realized that the group I was with had left me behind. After saying, “Dios te bendiga y adios (God bless you and goodbye)” to the children, I met up with our group further down the road. The trip concluded the following day, and I returned home to New Jersey.

A few days later I was driving through a suburb of North Jersey, thousands of miles from El Salvador, and I was struck with a picture that I couldn’t get out of my mind: The dirt and gravel filled field in the middle of El Salvador. At that point, I knew the Lord was calling me back to El Salvador.  This time my purpose was even clearer: use sports to share Christ with any young person God would send our way.  I began to pray and share the vision with other men of God.  Five months later, we were back in El Salvador with a team of over 20 like minded people.  That summer we hosted sports camps in two different regions of El Salvador.  Our program included sharing the Gospel and giving a Bibles to over 2,000 young people. The Spirit of God moved tremendously and we saw large majorities of campers commit their lives to Christ for the first time.  We worked hand in hand with Salvadoran believers, and connected these young people with local churches and youth ministries. Along the way, lifelong friendships with Christian leaders in Central America were built and strengthened.

In 2007, Inspire Sports Camps Inc. was officially founded as a 501(c)(3) organization and our board of directors was formed.  Since that time, we have facilitated short term trips for dozens of counselors and hosted several trips back to Central America.  Our trips have consisted of outreach to public schools, local parks, and facilitating youth retreats in camps all across El Salvador. We have shared the Gospel and given Bibles to thousands of young people in each of our programs. Our relationships in Central America have strengthened, and we now support full time missionaries on the ground in El Salvador.

Inspire Sports Camps has also hosted a number of mini-camps domestically, sharing our mission and the Gospel with children and parents right here at home.

In 2011, God began laying the groundwork for the inaugural ISC NorthEast summer camp for inner city youth. In July 2012, we hosted two weeks of camp for teens from over 25 urban neighborhoods across New Jersey, New York City, and Philadelphia. In 2013, we expanded to three weeks of camp, so we could impact even more young people with the Gospel. Last year, we hosted our largest camp yet. Right now, we are in the midst of preparing for next summer!

The Inspire Sports Camps leadership team is humbled and excited by the opportunities God continues to present us with.  We excitedly look forward to what God has in store in, and invite you to prayerfully consider joining our team.

Sincerely Trusting Him,

Kurt Schwarz
Executive Director 
Inspire Sports Camps